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Welcome to the World of Kystrel

TWoK is a long running campaign setting that started in AOL chatrooms 10 years ago. The game focuses on player interaction and development with each other on a day to day basis with GM’s running focused encounters and events periodically. The game is a living world, players can play any time they wish either through the chat system incorporated on our website or play by post through our forums.

The Rules

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The setting

Hundreds of years ago, the land was covered with bustling cities. Many nations prospered and the people enjoyed realtively peaceful lives. But then the ex-machina came. A handful of heroes encountered the fierce aliens on multiple occasions, always coming out victorious; however, they had never forseen an attack as large-scale as the one they soon faced. Thousands upon thousands of ex-machina spaceships swarmed the skies of Kystrel one day, their advanced technology and weaponry wrecking havoc in every corner of the world. The Gods saw this, and knew that their world would be gone if nothing was done. They opened portals to other worlds for those who wanted to escape, allowing the people of Kystrel a chance to survive on, even if it was elsewhere. Unfortunately, some of the people of Kystrel couldn’t reach the portals in time, and remained on Kystrel against their will.

The Gods then turned their attention toward the ex-machina and the people who decided to stay. Though the Gods’ powers were unfathomable, so, too, was the strength of the ex-machina. The war waged in what seemed like an infinite stalemate, until the ex-machina mothership was damaged by a decisive blow from one of the Gods. Fearing for their cause, the ex-machina on the mothership decided that a final act may save their race from losing the war, even if it meant their own lives would be lost. As their mothership quickly lost altitude, the captain steered toward a mainland: Nippon. But it didn’t matter. The ex-machina were now unorganized, and the Gods and the people quickly overtook them. The battle was over, but the consequences had just begun.

The crash annihilated the entirety of Nippon, sinking it into the sea, and setting off a chain reaction on the surface of the planet. A massive tidal wave eminated from the point of impact, swallowing everything in its path and pulling it into the ocean. The crash also set off a massive earthquake, so powerful that entire masses of land were moved. Where once Mandrake Isles were far from the mainland, they now sit barely half a mile from the shores of Cormyr.

The war with the ex-machina also had another casualty: the mana weave for Kystrel was nearly exhausted. The Gods fought hard against the ex-machina, and the weave that allowed magic upon the world was near depleted by the time victory was declared. Keep in mind, that weave is what created the Gods, yet they were willing to sacrifice their own existance to secure the safety of the world that created them. In the past 400 years, while the gods have been able to assist the descendants some – helping them find ships to rebuild, nudging the hunters and gatherers in the right direction of where food could be found – their own powers were drained. They did all they physically could do… but that was not much.

The mana weave upon Kystrel is slowing regenerating. A century ago the first spell was able to be cast by a descendant, but the weave is still weak. Those returning will note their power limited from what it was, slowly building back up, as the weave heals itself and reaches out for new connections to nourish it.

When the war was over, the Gods considered bringing back those that had decided to escape; however, a look around assured them the lands were not capable of supporting a true civilization. The mortals that remained were charged with seeking out an existance for themselves. Slowly over time, parts of the main city of Cormyr were rebuilt. A few made their way to Mandrake Isles, scavanging what they could of old boats and supplies, managing to put together a small fishing fleet to assist with feeding those who remained. It was nearly 100 years before the lands recovered enough that small gardens could be grown, another 50 years before crops of any substance could be planted and harvested. Gathering and hunting were two of the hardest jobs due to the near abscense of natural resources.

Slowly but surely, those still on Kystrel built and recovered, tending the lands and each other, forging tight bonds between clans and families. Inter-racial wars and conflicts disappeared as everyone was dependant on each other just for the chance to survive.

Eventually, the Gods did note that the world had recovered enough to once more support civilization. The Gods allowed fissures to appear in time and space that could lead Kystrel’s children back home. There was one problem that the gods did not forsee. The descendants considered those returning as interlopers, opportunists who ran while the going was tough and now that the ‘hard work’ has been done, have come back to bask in the success of those who worked for hundreds of years to rebuild. In some cases, the descendants see those returning as cowards who ran and deserted not only the lands, but the Gods themselves when the ex-machina attacked.

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